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West Of Eden (Red Vinyl)

7", LP
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Between the oldest and newest songs on this album, there is an age gap of about two and a half years. A few of the songs were written at a time when a HMLTD album was just a distant thought on a blurry horizon, while certain songs were written to tie it all together. Somewhere in the middle of this period, reflecting on our output up until that point, I got the first real idea of exactly what our album would be about. I think that is the moment West of Eden, as a collection, was conceived. What followed was a process of revisiting material and figuring out what fitted into this narrative, and then writing more to expand on and build it all into a singular thing. Dozens of songs were thrown to the wayside. What remains, whilst sonically eclectic, remains because it fits into what we feel is a unified, conceptual whole: West of Eden.

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