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The Rapture


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The Rapture is the 11th and final studio album by Siouxsie and the Banshees. The songs with cello arrangements, including the title track as well as "Fall from Grace" and "Not Forgotten", were produced by the band on their own in 1993. John Cale later produced the remaining songs in mid-1994.

180 gr black vinyl mastered and cut Half-Speed

Approx. weight 620 gr / Sealed

Side A
1. O Baby LISTEN
2. Tearing Apart
3. Stargazer LISTEN
4. Fall From Grace

Side B
1. Not Forgotten
2. Sick Child
3. The Lonely One
4. Falling Down

Side C
1. The Rapture

Side D
1. Forever LISTEN
2. The Double Life
3. Love Out Me

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