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Massicot's 'Kratt' album occupies a strange and wonderful Reuleaux triangle situated between the traditional spiritual story telling mysticism of North European pagan folklore, Latin and middle eastern inspired polyrythms and post punk. Its meandering arrangements are full and juicy, yet formed from the simplest elements, they are minimal, sculpted and refined.

Bouncing and multitimbral percussive tapestries are coupled with thick pulsating baselines to form tightly wound rolling beats, accented by citric guitar hooks that bring to mind the percussive pique and jag of Glenn Branca or Talking Heads and soothed by Latvian chant-like and choral vocal melodies. Massicot choreograph a sort of carnival caousel dance eternal that locks in the mind and lures the body. The groove is key, mechanical, yet nuanced, seductive and human.

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