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Rockgarage Compilation Vol. 1-2-3-4

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'Rockgarage' was an Italian early '80s underground fanzine that was dedicated to the post-punk and new wave scene of the Venice area. The magazine also released three 7-inches and a compilation LP. The music from those releases is now collected in this DOUBLE-LP set. Expect tracks by a.o. Diaframma, Frigidaire Tango, Degada Saf, Plasticost, Death In Venice, Funkwagen, Detonazione, 2+2=5, Modern Model, Wops, Ruins, Premesuzette, Pyramids and Go Karts.

A1 The Wops - Bloody Welfare    
A2 The Wops - Politics    
A3 Ruins - I Don't Know    
A4 Plasticost - Notte Inquisitoria    
A5 Modern Model - Ice Factory On Strike    
A6 Modern Model - (The) Days On    
A7 Frigidaire Tango - Dazed Life    
B1 Death In Venice - East    
B2 Changeling - I Am An Open Sea    
B3 Diaframma - Illusione Ottica    
B4 Qfwfq - Desideravamo Belve    
B5 Degada Saf - Tri-Banal    
B6 Funkwagen - Ebdomeron    
C1 Frigidaire Tango - Take Over From Me    
C2 Detonazione - Grigia Miseria    
C3 Detonazione - I Programmi Agli Alfieri    
C4 Diaframma - Altrove (Demo)    
C5 Go Karts - Windy Nights For The Heroes    
D1 Plasticost - Panorama    
D2 Degada Saf - La Rhumba In Shanghai    
D3 Pyramids - Mouth Of Nilo    
D4 Crepesuzette - Killing Japanese    
D5 2+2=5 - Oggi É Un Bel Giorno

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