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The original Joy Division non-album releases were spread over a variety of labels and of formats; 12'' and 7'' vinyl, 33 and 45 rpm, and all permutations thereof. They were first collected on the 10 track "Substance" LP and the 17 track CD version. There is only one extra disc, containing two tracks from "Closer", which were not released on a single at the time or thereafter.

CD1 Warsaw / Leaders Of Men
CD2 No Love Lost / Failures
CD3 Digital / Glass
CD4 Autosuggestion / From Safety To Where
CD5 Transmission / Novelty
CD6 Atmosphere / Dead Souls
CD7 Komakino / Incubation / As You Said
CD8 Love Will Tear Us Apart / These Days
CD9 She's Lost Control (12" Version) / Love Will Tear Us Apart (Pennine Version)
CD10 Isolation / Heart And Soul

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