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Colin Newman's 3 classic early 80's solo album "A-Z", originally released on Beggars Banquet / 4AD, re-released on his own new imprint Sentient Sonics.

It was recorded and released in a "post 154" rush of activity. While all the album bears the name Colin Newman it differs in that it was recorded as "band" albums with Colin being joined by WIRE's Robert Grey, Mike Thorne (who also produced, as he had the first 3 Wire albums) and Desmond Simmons.

On the CD release the remastered original album is accompanied by a companion CD of extra tracks, b-sides & demos - quite a lot of which have never been released - released as a double digipack. Disc 2 tracks 1-9 were recorded at Riverside Recordings, Chiswick, by Robert, Desmond and Colin on the same sessions as Robert and Colin's contributions to the additional 7" given away with Wire's 154. Track 10 is Mike and Colin playing the studio piano at the studio where A-Z was mixed, and 11 was recorded on the A-Z sessions. Both were on the flip side of the single "B". Tracks 12-17 were recorded solo in Colin's flat in West Norwood.

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