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...And He's Not Gonna Take It Anymore (Red/Black Vinyl)

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The perfect soundtrack for the cold and dark days of the season, a reissue of My Dad Is Dead’s classic 1986 debut album. This edition includes an entire bonus LP in the form of MDID’s 1985 self-titled cassette only release, which includes 9 songs never issued on any LP as well as early versions of Statistic, The Quiet Man, Mary Jane, and Anti-Socialist. A distinctly Cleveland take on darker post-punk, …And He’s Not Gonna Take It Anymore shows Mark Edwards’ aesthetic in full bloom from the very beginning. Embracing musical approaches both abrasive and poignant, Edwards’ narrates tales of everyday isolation and trauma in a dead industrial city with the dry reserve of a reporter.

Available on black vinyl or red with black swirl. The jacket, printed on 24 pt board, preserves the original layout but uses alternate photographs from the original photo shoots.

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