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Some Girls Wander By Mistake

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If you’re an alternative music fan whose tastes came of age in the ‘80s, then you know just how influential the Sisters of Mercy were, but those who were first introduced to the band during the FLOODLAND era, when everyone was thrilling to the sounds of “This Corrosion” and “Lucretia My Reflection,” may remain unaware of the groundbreaking material that was being released by the band a few years earlier.

SOME GIRLS WANDER BY MISTAKE, which was originally released in 1992, features three songs the group originally issued in 1980 ("The Damage Done," "Watch" and "Home Of The Hit-Men"), their 1982 follow-up single ("Body Electric" and "Adrenochrome"),as well as the ALICE EP, the REPTILE HOUSE EP, the “Temple of Love” single and its B-sides, the 1992 re-recording of “Temple of Love” featuring Ofra Haza and its B-side, and the “Under the Gun” 12” and its B-sides. Yes, we know, we just threw a lot of information at you, so here’s the full track listing, and just know that this compilation is the perfect way to bring a little darkness to your life in the best possible way.

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