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Coups Et Blessures


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Varsovie is a dark rock / post-punk band formed in 2005 by Arnault Destal (drums, lyrics, music, arrangements) and Grégory Catherina (vocals, guitar, music). After a first demo in 2005 which allowed them to play live in France, Varsovie released an EP, "Neuf Millimètres", in 2006 and began to tour across Europe including the Drop Dead Festival in Prague, the Crimson Night in Münster and the Creeper Fest in Vilnius.

"Etat Civil", their debut album, is released in 2010 via Infrastition Records. The band continues to play frequently in Europe, from Estonia to Italy, via Romania and England. By the same time, they come up with a noteworthy Siekiera cover, an emblematic band from the Polish post-punk scene.

In 2015, the band release their second album, "L'Heure et la Trajectoire", on Infrastition Records and Those Opposed Records. In 2017, the official music video for the song "Lydia Litvak" is unveiled and a deal is signed with French indie label Sundust Records. In autumn of the same year, the band enters the Drudenhaus Studio once again to record their third album, "Coups et Blessures", released on May 11th 2018.

Approx. weight 420 gr / Unsealed in protective sleeve / Gatefold sleeve

Side A
1. Coups Et Blessures LISTEN
2. Revers De L'Aube
3. Va Dire À Sparte
4. Killing Anna
5. Le Lac LISTEN

Side B
1. Intersections
2. Discipline
3. Chevaux Échappés
4. Feux

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