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Massa EP

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First Release

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Even before starting the TAL label it was a dream resuscitating this little known gem of early 80s mutant funk from Düsseldorf's machine music legacy. For many years this EP has existed as a rumour only, a phantom not unlike but significantly more obscure than its contemporaries of the Zeitgeist era dance acts such as Liaisons Dangereuses or CHBB. Written and produced by a fluid line-up during excessive nighttime sessions, utilizing mostly a Roland rhythm machine and analogue sequencer modules, blending the results with field recordings to maximum effect. The production is razor sharp and reduced to the bare bone.

All three featured tracks sound utterly urgent and uncompromising. The overall atmosphere can be described as grey, febrile and evocative. The stand out proto techno affairs of AFARS & ISSAS are inspired by the vast emptiness of the rocky deserts in Djibouti. Wegwerfliebling creates a dystopian dancefloor killer full of nagging dynamics. The psychedelic mood of the pulsating ABENDSTERN CHANT is fed by the rumbling schizo-mechanics. Grinding tape loops seem to govern magical manupilations of a tribal gathering taking place in a low lit basement.

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Side A
1. Afars & Issas LISTEN

Side B
1. Wegwerfliebling
2. Abend-Stern-Chant