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A Matter Of Concepts - A Post-punk And Wave Compilation


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'A Matter Of Concepts' is a very personal selection of songs by recent, active underground bands and artists that we love at DWR. Coming from the UK, US, The Netherlands, Canada, France, Russia, Australia and ranging from post-punk to coldwave to synth-pop to indie.

Approx. weight 300 gr / In protective outer sleeve / Limited numbered edition / Includes download code

Side A
1. FEHM - Last Breath
2. Il Mio Campo - Molchat
3. KONVOI - Secretary
4. Dancing Tongues - Control
5. Boothblacks - Voices
6. Gruppa Hmuriy - Beliye Steny
7. DAODA - Shields

Side B
1. Cerulean Veins - Girls Will Dance (Single Mix)
2. Der Kreis - Shadows (Unfaded Mix One)
3. The Whisper Game - Loose Ties LISTEN
4. Egoprisme - The Declining Light
5. Red Velvet Deception - So Low
6. Jeff Clark's - Romeo And Juliet LISTEN

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