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Songs Of The Wolf

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A long-awaited reissue of the important album in early Neo-folk history, which sold out more than 20 years ago. This for sure will be interesting for those who deep in the new wave/post-punk/neo-folk music and interested in the history of genres. The album was released by legendary “World Serpent” in 1995 but recorded in far 1984 after Tony Wakeford left Death In June.

A splendid mix of post-punk, new wave and slightly folky, sound bears resemblance to early Death In June, Tony Wakeford's future project Sol Invictus and Joy Division. “Songs Of The Wolf” was released as a tape in 1984 and as LP in 1986, both well acclaimed and sold out immediately. This is absolutely everything that recorded by that short-time project, ever.

1. Waiting LISTEN
2. Stormclouds Over Europe
3. Roses LISTEN
4. Last Rite
5. Under Western Skies
6. Song Of The Wolf LISTEN
7. Hundred Flags
8. Progress
9. Make Us Strong
10. The Killing Zone

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