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The band formed in December 1980 in the UK, Bradford and set about recording heavy, melodic, intense tribel music with no frills and pretentions. The band were an early contributor to what became the Goth genre (Gods and Alchoves). 1919 had indie chart success with the 1982 singles like "Caged", "Repulsion" and the much loved "Cry Wolf EP" as well as the mini 1983 six track LP called "Machine". They also recorded two great John Peel Sessions but disbanded in 1984. One last record was released though that same year 'Earth Song', which was a 12 inch EP on Abstract Records BUT the release to the bands disapproval as the released 4 songs were in fact unfinished demos!

In 2005 Mark Tighe brought in all new members and recorded what can only be described as a 'Death Metal' album called 'Dark Temple', released on CD only in very small numbers but it disappeared without trace. Mark later admitting 'It really should have been a solo project not a 1919 release'. Nine years later, 2014 founding guitarist Mark Tighe again reforming the band & this time recruiting Rio Goldhammer from the Leeds underground scene to perform the vocals and (initially) playing bass. Then early 2015 the original drummer Mick Reed was back in the band & then the final piece of the puzzle was added bassist Karl Donner. With the band's core reunited the "'Madness Continues' Sessions" a live studio-album quickly emerged on there own label (featuring brand new songs and old songs re-visited) along with a single CD 4 track EP called 'Death Note'. Two single promo videos (the bands first ever videos) from these sessions were also produced.

European tours and festival appearances later the band then signed a deal with 'Westworld Recordings' in late 2016 to release their brand new studio album, "Bloodline", which is now released early 2017, a mere 34 years after that very first one!

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