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Nostalgia (White Vinyl)

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HTRK (formed 2003) are a mysterious three-piece from Melbourne who reside in Berlin and London. Inspired by the sounds and images of David Lynch, The Birthday Party and electronic artist Pita, HTRK effortlessly create music of sublime tension and beauty.

Heavily processed and bathed in reverb, ‘Nostalgia’ is a collection of 7 live recordings from 2004. It was after ‘Nostalgia’ that Rowland S. Howard became interested in HTRK, eventually going on to produce their forthcoming debut album ‘Marry Me Tonight’. Nostalgia was recorded with two microphones and an old tape deck, prior to their first tour of Sydney in 2004.

Says Nigel, “We ran through our set and the performance was uncanny… we called it Nostalgia because of our hatred of bands and fans who suck the past dry, as well as our own guilty nostalgia for the nihilistic energies rampant in the 80s underground, and the strange role that the Tarkovsky film Nostalghia played in the earliest days of the band’s creation up in the Macedon hills. It is in many ways our definitive introductory statement.” 

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