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Ensayo 1986 (Pink Vinyl)

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Salón Dadá was a Peruvian post-punk band made up of Támira Bassallo, Jaime de Lama and Juan Huamán Hoover, active in the Lima underground movement of the 80s, known as “Rock subterráneo”. They left no official recordings. But at the end of 1986, they did record a 4-track rehearsal which began to circulate as an unofficial demo, becoming a classic of the period. “Ensayo 1986” ("Rehearsal 1986") is now published for the first time in vinyl format.

Presented as a pink 7-inch EP, this new addition to our Essential Sounds collection is a companion to the Salón Dadá / Col Corazón LP Salón Dadá / Col Corazón - Lo que no existe, existe: Registros de una saga post-punk en el Perú (1986-1990), which collects live recordings.

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