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Lo Que No Existe, Existe: Registros De Una Saga Post Punk En El Peru (1986​-​1990)


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Salón Dadá and Col Corazón were two bands led by Támira Bassallo and Jaime de Lama, active between 1986 and 1990. They emerged in Lima, in the context of the hardcore punk movement known as rock subterráneo. They distinguished themselves by their sound experimentation and their unconventional song structures, which led them from the stridency of noise rock to the use of Andean sonorities. In this sense, they were able to assimilate the innovative spirit of post-punk and became the most representative saga of this sound in Peru. And although they did not leave official recordings, the cult around them has been increasing over time.

“What Does Not Exist, Exists - Salón Dadá / Col Corazón: Documents of a post-punk saga in Peru (1986-1990)” compiles a series of recordings from various sources, including rehearsals and live takes, presented for the first time in vinyl format, with substantial visual documentation, and extensive liner notes telling the story of the group. This release allows us to approach the sound and universe of what was one of the most beloved, respected and innovative groups of rock subterráneo. One of the best-kept secrets of the Peruvian scene.

This project is part of the Essential Sounds collection, with which Buh Records presents a series of fundamental works of the Peruvian musical avant-garde.

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