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After many years, we’ve recovered a rehearsal session that we had recorded on an old cassette tape. It had originally been laid down on a four-track recorder but unfortunately, the tape got lost.

The story of these tracks goes back to the last weekend of October 1983, when we went to record at Paco Trinidad’s family home in the mountains north of Madrid. It was unexpectedly cold that weekend and we weren’t prepared for the drop in temperatures. We drove there surrounded by mist and before returning had to scrape the ice off the windscreen as best we could.

Paco recorded our latest songs on a four-track tape recorder at the house. It was done live, except for extra takes of Lars playing the clarinet and some guitar details. The garage sound, as the name suggests, was achieved in the garage and an adjoining room where José Brena played the drums.

The project for this record began months ago, when Per and his wife, Áurea, commented that they had listened again to the cassette tape of Décima Víctima that they kept in their storage room and had realized the power we had as a band. They said it was an interesting item for collectors and we should release it. The fact that some of the lyrics were not the definitive ones is an added rarity that reveals the development process for the LP “Un hombre solo”. Late that same night, alone in my living room and with headphones on, some 40 years later, I was moved by the intensely personal sound that we made when we were all together.

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