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Creation Is Perfect

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Influential Israeli post-punk group Minimal Compact have announced the release of Creation is Perfect—an album of new versions of classic tracks by the band, plus a brand new track “Holy Roar”—their first in over 30 years.

Formed in Amsterdam in 1980 after relocating from Tel-Aviv, Minimal Compact were a unique voice in original post-punk explosion, featuring five very different and distinct personalities: Berry Sakharof (guitars/ keyboards/vocals); Malka Spigel (bass/keyboards/vocals); Samy Birnbach aka DJ Morpheus (vocals); Rami Fortis (guitar/vocals); and Max Franken (drums).

Together the band released several ground-breaking and influential albums, including Deadly Weapons (1984) – which spawned the club hit “Next One Is Real” – and their most commercial album, “Raging Souls” (1985).