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Run b/w Bennington


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Even the tightest relationships are susceptible to unexpected change. “Run”, a new single from Chicago’s Deeper, examines what happens when we’re forced to confront the reality of these relationships and find the courage to walk away for the better. It’s not easy to abandon that image of who we thought we were, but it’s the leap into the unknown that’s the first step to self-actualizing. At first the song wrestles with identity amidst uncertainty, but as it progresses, a confidence emerges that has become the driving force for where Deeper is headed. Backed by an astutely scientific cover of the John Maus rarity “Bennington”, Deeper sheds the searching bottled up in previous material, carving out an ambit distinctly their own. Brisk, pointed and efficient, and no note wasted, “Run” b/w “Bennington” a new 7 Inch out in October 2019 sets the stage for the Chicago trio’s sophomore LP.

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