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Nel Sud

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A record inspired by Mediterranean history & Italian ethnographic films.

The new LP by Mai Mai Mai, titled Nel Sud, continues to explore Mediterranean history yet does so with a different sense of ambition. A journey into the past of the Italian south, realized through original footage taken from Italian ethno-documentaries made during the 1960s and 70s, Nel Sud is intended as an original soundtrack and is mixed with sounds from the original films.

In the A/V performances of Nel Sud, the cinematic output of directors such as Luigi Di Gianni, Gianfranco Mingozzi, Vittorio De Seta and Cecilia Mangini are edited and manipulated in real time by the video artist​ Simne Donadni​, and set to Mai Mai Mai’s heavy and hypnotic sound signature. Profoundly evocative of the Mezzogiorno d'Italia (Southern Italy), Nel Sud explores manifold themes associated with the films and the region; the interrelation between pagan rituals and Catholicism, lives shaped by arduous labour and working-class dignity, the fragility of man subdued by nature, divinity and magic.