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Perlen (White Vinyl)
Blond Perlen (White Vinyl)
Format: LP Type: Album
Labels: Beton Klunker
Release Year: 2023
EAN/UPC: 4260341647661

The Saxon treasure is finally back. And this doesn't mean the ostentatious crown jewels from the Green Vault, but the "pearls" that Blond let shine on their second album. The band has proven in recent years that Chemnitz and glamour need not be mutually exclusive.

Whereby Blond have their very own definition of what glamour actually is, namely sometimes snotty or radical and yet elegant. The band always mixes small pieces of glass under their indie pop glitter, because bloody fingers and sharp edges, both small and large scars are part of life. Also to the life of female-identified people, of which society still has very precise ideas about how it should be best. But Blond tell how it can be: pretty pink and angry at the same time, defiant and glittering at the same time, to roar and howl along, to doubt and dance.

This album is full of indie-pop gems that oscillate between rage and world-weariness, dancefloor and hanky-panky, that pack a punch but also take heart. Which sometimes shimmer in hyper-pop, rap or fine new wave tones and are always adorned with irresistibly catchy choruses. You can call them pearls or bangers or hits or boards.

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