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Instrumental Songs (Part I and II)
Blood Music (SWE) Instrumental Songs (Part I and II)
Format: 2xLP Type: Album
Release Year: 2023
Available in 7 - 14 days after you place your order

Instrumental, unreleased versions of songs from all the Blood Music full-length albums.

Karl Jonas Winqvist - founder of the DIY record label Sing a song fighter,- and musician/producer (Blood Music, first floor power, the second hand orchestra, wau wau collectif, Emma & KJ etc) says:

"I have lived with these songs as instrumentals way longer than the released album versions with vocals on. Because this is how the songs were recorded at first. Then I listened to them in headphones while out endlessly walking, before recording the vocals.
And while I might have written some decent lyrics to some of them and some invited guests added stellar vocals on a few of them...If I have to go back and listen to these songs, sometimes I prefer the instrumental versions."

"It's not like I have drowned in letters and e-mails from people yearning for a 2-lp album like this, but I I remember getting an e-mail from someone in France, perhaps 6-7 years ago. The person asked if I could send him an instrumental version of "Play this at my funeral".as he wanted to sing it on a special party (not funeral).
I meant to send him a mix, but something came in the way and I lost the e-mail somehow. Now, if he would need it, 6-7 years too late, for a new party, it is finally here!"

"Plus during an exhaustion/depression phase (when all I wanted to do was to hide away and sleeo) the idea of removing myself (at least my vocals) from these songs felt totally right. If someone else wants to sing on them, now they can! I So, finally, the instrumental versions are being released on their own, free at last and not just staying on my laptop".

"The cover photo is probably the earliest photo of me playing music. I guess I was 11, 12 years old and living in the deep woods of Småland, Sweden in a very small village. There was this old home organ at the community centre and during long, long sittings there (distant relativies celebrating getting older) I often took my escape to the organ. I loved exploring the different sounds and while not being a young kid anymore, when it comes to music I'm not growing up..."

Blood Music have also released split singles in the US with artist Jens Lekman, opened up for Belle and Sebastian and invited First Aid Kit to sing backing vocals on a full album.
Karl Jonas has also ,for almost 10 years, been running one of the most exciting and eclectic, busy labels in the neighbourhood (Sing a song fighter), he is also a loved producer (Wau Wau Collectif, James Yorkston, Nina Persson and the second hand orchestra, Vasas flora och fauna,Vumbi Dekula, Iiris Viljanen, Lamine Cissokho etc).

And with this new instrumental 2-lp album from Blood Music, the heartfelt arrangements and inventive playing once again reminds us of how exciting pop music can be... 

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