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The Invisible Hand (Purple Vinyl)
Doctor Bionic The Invisible Hand (Purple Vinyl)
Format: LP Type: Album, Reissue/Repress
Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz
Release Year: 2023
First Release: 2021
EAN/UPC: 0674862659494

Doctor Bionic is a band of various top notch studio musicians coming out of Cincinnati with the vision of creating timeless instrumental music that has that tone & sound we crave. The musicians are glued together by producer GRIMEZ, that has recorded & mixed it all together for a sound that stands on its own. Having its "own sound" is what Doctor Bionic is really about. Retro early 70's sounding live hip hop drum breaks/ nasty thick bass grooves/ creepy but soulful organ-piano chords/ razor sharp guitars splashed with horns or any other instrument on top for that finished surreal vibe. It all adds up to a unique, hard hitting, original & professional but lo-fi sounding realm.

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