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Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts (White Vinyl)
Everyone Asked About You Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts (White Vinyl)
Format: 2xLP Type: Compilation
Labels: Numero Group
Release Year: 2023
EAN/UPC: 0825764121736

Queer tweemo from the pop fringe of Little Rock, Arkansas’s thriving ’90s DIY scene. Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts gathers Everyone Asked About You’s complete recorded works, including the Let’s Be Enemies LP and their two and a half 7"s released between 1997-2000. Remastered from the original DATs for maximum nostalgic crunch, this deluxe 2xLP is housed in a gatefold tip on sleeve and includes a 20-page book crammed with flyers, photos, lyrics, and an extensive essay on this crucial missing link between midwest emo and the Moog synthesizer.  

By 1997, emo was in the early throes of its first evolution since erupting out of the D.C. hardcore scene a dozen years earlier. This new wave was less concerned with its post-hardcore forebearer’s political peccadilloes and blood curdling shrieks, favoring instead a light-weight, mix-tape friendly, and hyper-sensitive version of pop punk. Every medium-sized burg in the greater midwest had at least one local heart-on-the-sleeve quartet playing three minute love songs, including Milwaukee’s Promise Ring, Kansas City’s Get Up Kids, Champaign-Urbana’s Braid, Austin’s Mineral, Denver’s Christie Front Drive, and Madison’s Rainer Maria. It was punk adjacent, but in a way your parents could tolerate.

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