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Come October
Himukalt Come October
Format: 2xLP Type: Album, Reissue/Repress
Release Year: 2023
First Release: 2018
EAN/UPC: 4038846021572

'Come October' is the sixth release since 2016 from Himukalt, which is the solo project of Nevada based Ester Kärkkäinen. First time on vinyl with additional 3 tracks. Remastered for vinyl by Grant Richardson. Originally recorded at Rommel 2016-2019, additional material completed at the Air Ranch in 2023. All tracks on side A and B were originally released on cassette in 2018 by Found Remains. 'Basic Cunt' is a bonus track for the 2019 CD, also released by Found Remains and reprised here on the 2LP vinyl version with 'Confession,' 'Another Girl Gone Missing,' and 'Two Woman,' which are all based upon source material from the 'Come October' sessions.

"With a sound that is rough and decidedly gritty, the analogue derived tones are soot and rust infused, while the vocals feature as emotional and bile drenched (aka echo distorted/treated). Minimal structure is employed throughout, based around crude abstracted rhythmic programming, choppy static, shuddering distortion and occasional tonal blasts, but the end result is an industrial noise 'post-mortem' style than anything typically of a harsh noise variety. The minimalist approach to sound and composition gives a clear nod to the likes of the psychological and death obsessed sounds of Atrax Morgue, while the sonic treatment of vocals renders them for tonal impact rather than decipherable intent. Yet based on their at times pained delivery, I gather their lyrical content functions for a degree of personalized catharsis that anything resembling a role for externalized 'entertainment.' Opening track 'Ruined-Raped' is an absolute stormer and functions to illustrate Ester's command of compositional restraint, as well as the perfect execution of controlled tension in building it to a liberating release. 'Again And Again' is another standout track, structured around a rhythmic percussive junk metal loop, upon which fluttering textures, distortion smears and treated agonized vocals are laid, where all elements are gradually elevated in intensity over its elongated length. 'Apology' uses composed minimalism in the best way possible, where wavering tonal elements, needling drones and apathetic but heavily treated vocals gradually makes way for throbbing beat before abruptly concluding. For the late track 'No Longer Her Dominant,' a pathological atmosphere pervades proceedings,which carefully balances the minimalism of its tonally droning sonics, where it is also the only track where the spoken vocals are (partially) decipherable. In a relatively short space of time Ester has clearly garnered positive attention within the underground, which is solely down to the strength and intensity of her output." ~Noise Receptor.

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