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Todos Juntos

"Todos juntos" (1972) by Los Jaivas is released now on double vinyl, from the original IRT masters! True finds that for the first time reach a disc. "It is my favorite cover - says René Olivares in the book Cultura Alter-nativa - since it represents the loneliness that each of us felt when we were outside of Chile, but mainly, the poetic soul of the Chilean". "Todos Juntos" was recorded in Chile in 1972-1973 and was presented for the first time to the public in Argentina in 1976 by Record Parnaso S.A. This double album contains all the material that Los Jaivas recorded for IRT during 1972 - 1973, plus a supplement of three previously unreleased recordings. Disc 1 is the re-release of the album "Todos juntos", which appeared in Argentina in 1976 under the Parnaso record label, with a different repertoire and order from the LP known as "La ventana", released in Chile at the end of 1972. Disc 2 completes the catalog of works recorded for IRT, to which are added three unreleased tracks from the same period: the music that Los Jaivas made for the documentary "Descomedidos y chascones", made by Carlos Flores Delpino and produced by the experimental film department of the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, the theme "Ta hueca la vaca está loca", an improvisation recovered from a television special produced by UCV television in Valparaíso, and a live recording of the theme "Marcha al interior del espíritu", taken at the Chilean-French institute of culture in Valparaíso. At that time, the painter René Olivares, who is already part of the Jaivas family settled in Buenos Aires, creates a new cover design for the 1976 edition, which today we deliver to the public in a remastered version, restored and enriched with valuable archival documents.

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