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Graves, Release Your Dead (Red Vinyl)
The Coffinshakers Graves, Release Your Dead (Red Vinyl)
Format: LP Type: Album
Labels: Svart Records
Release Year: 2023
EAN/UPC: 6430080233946

Darkness is falling. A cold wind blows from the snow-covered Carpathians, making the windows rattle and the corners of the house creak. Something is coming, eyes flashing red in the night and its footprints filled with grave dirt. What nocturnal terror is this? It's the arrival of the long-awaited third album by The Coffinshakers. There is an apocalyptic urgency to their third offering. From the marching drums of the desolate 'Graves, Release Your Dead' to the echoing vocals of 'River Of Souls' and the cathartic cataclysm of 'Down In Flames', it all forebodes the imminent end of the whole dirty enchilada of existence. The band's flippancy comes with a genuinely unsettling kernel of darkness - and black humor is always the most satisfying. Vampires may not cry, but we all know they laugh wickedly as they rise from the bone orchard. Comes on red vinyl with 3D cover.

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