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Lobster Basque Replica
The Fishheads Lobster Basque Replica
Format: LP+CD Type: Album
Release Year: 2023

Fruits de Mer celebrates its 100th 'Crustacean' release and, just when you thought it was safe to go back to the fishmongers, The Fishheads are back after a year spent deep, deep in the Mariana Trench (or maybe in the coffee shop in the SeaLife Centre in Weymouth)... a gang of roaming musicians rounded up occasionally by Marc Swordfish from Astralasia, force-fed classic '60s psychedelia and locked up in a virtual studio until they come out with a bunch of WAV files. 'Lobster Basque Replica' combines one side of covers - from Pink Floyd to Mighty Baby - together with a sidelong piece that starts off owing something to Leonard Bernstein's 'Something's Coming' from 'West Side Story' and then goes somewhere else entirely, courtesy of Swordfish. The bonus CD includes alternative mixes of the LP tracks and another epic track from Marc that explores weird, new territory with 'Lola's Story' (Lola being the lobster pictured on the front cover). 'Lobster Basque Replica' was going to be a double 7", but that would have cost more than an LP and we wouldn't have been able to fit all the music on them, so it isn't. The Fishheads once again feature members of Astralasia, plus special guests including Anton Barbeau, Simon House and Icarus Peel.

1. See Emily Play
2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
3. Remember A Day
4. Egyptian Tomb

1. Oops! Something's Coming From Another Planet

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