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An Introduction To The Luck Of Eden Hall
The Luck Of Eden Hall An Introduction To The Luck Of Eden Hall
Format: CD Type: Compilation
Release Year: 2023

Fruits de Mer Records turns 15 years old in 2023 and it feels like a good time/excuse to launch a series of retrospectives, featuring artists who have supported the label consistently over the years, for some inexplicable reason. As they launched Fruits de Mer as a vinyl label back in 2008, just at the point when vinyl was declared dead and buried, what better time to launch a series of CDs as the compact disc is widely reported to be in terminal decline? That said, they are doing our best to give the CDs a bit of vinyl feel, thanks to Sam Giles Design. This second release in the series focusses on The Luck of Eden Hall, who have graced the grooves of FdM for about a dozen years, led by Curvey Gregory. The CD selects tracks from their various FdM releases and ends with a couple of tracks that are exclusive to this compilation.

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