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10.000 Tomorrows / From Field To Field

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In a word (or three), The Laissez Fairs are the inevitable band. John Fallon (leading light of legendary Irish-American psychedelic band The Steppes) and Joe Lawless make the music (and more) happen from their Las Vegas compound, where they simply will not compromise when it comes to crafting essential mod psych pop. They do what they want... because that's what you want. The right noise. The right vision. The right everything. Cromm Fallon and Aaron Archer on bass and drums: also rightly right. Right? The instrumentation on both '10,000 Tomorrows' and 'From Field To Field' is actually more than that produced by physical instruments. It is often the way they are recorded: the placement of mics (or the deliberate lack of mics), the use of effects on a guitar passage for impact and its removal as its sound goes elsewhere. Sometimes the vocals become a vibrato that sound like what you could hear at the feasts of the ancient Irish High Kings. The sounds are acoustic and electric, mechanical and spiritual.

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