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David Nance has been releasing songs for a few years now, including full-album covers of Beatles For Sale and Lou Reed’s Berlin, and along the way has become a fixture of the American underground scene. Building a reputation on evocations of Creedence classic rock with bottom-heavy druggy attic bummer jamming, Nance and his Group rip through two new and true-to-form tracks for their first 7” in proud partnership with Third Man.

Meanwhile is 4 minutes of post-everything rock n roll death race to the bottom of the sea of tape hiss and Wiper-ian broken space riffage. Backed with the honky tonk punk stance of Credit Line’s 2019 debt wite-out anthem, this is an essential 2-sider for everyone who ever stared in their dad’s closet at his faded denim jacket and DREAMED.

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