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Thessaloniki Greece’s most psychotic pseudo-pscientists NOMOS 751 emerge from their psecret laboratory located kilometers under Earth’s crust with a new 7inch EP, lyrically dedicated to political and societal injustices, woes and struggles, but with a snappy beat you can sink your dinks into. Title track “M.A.T.” dominates the top deck with a mild warning to Greek riot pigs: “I don't have a name, I don't have a number, I kill you and send you naked back to your mother,” (but sung in Greek, as Mondo Mongo dictates the tongue of the mother). The lunatic vox of Sanja Djordjevic has been enlisted this go-round for a cover of “Moraću Se Boriti,” originally by Serbian new-wavers BOYE. Already a brilliant slice of aggro and off-kilter post-punk in its primitive form, now updated with extra venom for demanding punks of exceptional taste.

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