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You're Class I'm Trash

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Nestled centrally within landlocked Switzerland is the quaint town of Bern, a place where world leaders regularly meet, 12th century medieval architecture gracefully intersects modern designs, and the location where Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was originated. Class is a term synonymous with this town given its historical and cultural heritage but in the case of the chainsaw-on-steel sound of legendary Bernese garage punks, The Monsters, class is an irrelevant term to them.

Thanks to COVID-19, the touring life of this Bernese super trash machine was put on halt and they used their newfound time to write and record the apocalyptic, hi-speed-boogie-fuzz-garage-trash-rock-n-roll songs you have in your hands here. A new album wasn’t enough for the quartet during the year; they were also contracted by Swiss film composer Mario Batkovic to assist in the soundtrack composition of a small horror opera, which will soon be announced.

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