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Chainsaw Massacre Garage Dirty Rock'n'Roll Ultra Trash Punk from Bern Switzerland, incl. Blow Um Mau Mau and disturbing Scorpions cover version of: Speedy's coming

This is their 8th full length Album POP UP YOURS, Recorded in 2011at Outside Inside Studios (Movie Star Junkies, Thurston Moore, Dead Brothers etc) in Italy and mixed in Different Places (blow um mau mau is mixed at star track studios in Switzerland, by Olifr M Guz RIP)

On this Recordings the Music is strapped down to the Max, One Guitar ,Bass and TWO DRUMS (CLONE DRUM SET) that's the Monsters in the begin of the 2000, Ultra Simple Lyrics most time just one line for a Song that's enough and with the Power of a Jumbo Jet they get in your ears and destroy your Brain in No Time. 1986 they’ve got inspired by music made in 1956, is 1974 when Blues Punk Was Born, AC/DC, TEN YEARS AFTER, THE RAMONES with a Twist of their own CHAINSAW MASSACRE GARAGE TRASH PUNK the Monsters calls it: RAW RIFF TRASH ROCK we call it TRAAAASSSHH !!! extraordinary SHARP VOCALS super Raw Simple straight Guitar Stupid One Tone stomach crunching Bass and 2 Drummers that brings every Dead Body back to Live

I WANT YOU is a love song that is so strait and Loud that it Hurts and comes comes direct to the point, MORE YOU TALK LESS I HERE YOU another ONE RIFF SONG that uses the Refrain trough the whole song, Blow Um Mau Mau is the hit Song on the Album and got a million clicks on those damn digital platforms The only cover version on that album is From Germany’s Kraut rockers turned into Love Shack popers THE SCORPIONS ‚SPEEDY’S COMING‘ from their 1974 album FLY TO THE RAINBOW ... so welcome to the world of the Monsters SIMPLE RAW ONE RIFF TRASH ROCK

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