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Light/Dark: Singles, EPs and Early More 1981-1987

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Strange Dolls / Movin' Over   
A1. Dolls    2:13
A2. Wipe Out
A3. Baron Samedi
A4. Make Up
A5. Behind Your Pale Face
A6. Psycho Ghoul
A7. Everything Ends Here
A8. Double Mind

Land Of Nothing   
B1. Lights Of Night
B2. In The Batland
B3. You're Gone Away
B4. Land Of Nothing
B5. A Wonderful Night To Die
B6. Pipeline

Black 'n' Wild   
C1. Crawling
C2. Eternal Door
C3. Goin' Down
C4. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
C5. Sinnermen

Jesus Loves His Children   
D1. I Want You
D2. New Situations
D3. Surfin Dead Blues
D4. Spider
D5. Break On Through