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Teen Babes From Monsanto (Pink Vinyl)

Release Year

First Release


The album features specially designed packaging that allows you to choose between two different front covers with just a flip of the wrist! Experience vintage teenaged Redd Kross as presented by Monsanto: 100% genuine, chemically inspired brilliance fueled by processed junk food. Includes 7 songs on the original 1984 release + 5 additional covers.

Approx. weight 260 gr / Sealed / Limited edition / Pink vinyl / Includes download code

Side A
1. Deuce LISTEN
2. Citadel
3. Fancy
4. Heaven Only Knows
5. I'll Meet You Halfway
6. Ann

Side B
1. Don't Turn Your Back On Me
2. It Won't Be Long
3. Dancing Queen LISTEN
4. Savior Machine
5. Blow You A Kiss In The Wind
6. Linda Blair 1984

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