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Open That Door


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Bad Sports are currently one of the most representative Texan Garage-Punk bands. They combine a stripped down early punk with a power-pop sensibility, adding a particular Australian proto-punk vein on top. Prolific to a fault, Bad Sports members are real rock ’n’ roll machines, constantly touring and release records under different projects, such as OBN IIIs, TV’s Daniel, Video, Radioactivity and many others.

These two brand new songs have been written, recorded and produced by Orville Neeley, just in time for their 2018 European tour with Radioactivity. “Open That Door” is a timeless hit, that could have appeared on some early Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers records, while “Maybe Not” is a catchy garage punk number, already a steady highlight on their live shows!

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Side A: Open That Door LISTEN
Side B: Maybe Not

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