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Bird Party (Green Vinyl)


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The final release from Nothington and they’re lucky to pair up with fellow San Francisco punks, Swingin’ Utters. Two SF legends! And speaking of badass combos, on the Utters track we have a rowdy duet with Johnny Peebucks and Jack Dalrymple. Meanwhile, on the Nothington side, we have a bittersweet farewell that features Chris and Jay trading vocals one last time. Oh, but don’t get too emo about this sad sendoff ‘cuz both sides of this 7” are loud and fast. It’s Haight AND Ashbury. It’s Montana AND Rice. It’s chowder AND the sourdough bread bowl!

Approx. weight 70 gr / In protective outer sleeve / Green vinyl

Side A: Swingin' Utters - Shout It At Dem Culture
Side B: Nothington - Covering My Tracks

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