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Special Interest is a four piece punk band emerging from New Orleans, Louisiana. Combining elements of No-Wave, Glam, and Industrial Special Interest create a frenetic and urgent revisioning of punk and electronic music for a modern world gone mad. Propulsive analogue drum machines, a swirling layer of detuned samples, and a driving bass line create the foundation across which angular guitar work and dissonant synth lines glide. Front and center are Alli Logout’s commanding vocals and razor sharp lyrics moving from high camp satire to insightful political imperatives often within the course of one song.

Special Interest initially formed in 2015 to play one show in a basement. Originally a two piece with Alli Logout and Maria Elena playing guitars and power tools over the beat of a 70’s Univox drum machine. Soon after they ditched the power tools and were joined by Ruth Mascelli on electronics and Nathan Cassiani on bass. Special Interest quickly gained a reputation for their intense and energetic live shows. A dense wall of sound oscillating from aggressive and noisy to joyous and danceable punctuated by the no holds barred on stage persona of their vocalist.

Special Interest have embarked on several short tours of the southeast and have traveled to play festivals such as Suoni Per Popolo, Slut Island, Not Dead Yet, and Dumb Fest. In the Summer of 2018 they completed their first East Coast / Midwest tour. The members of Special Interest are each veteran DIY musicians in their own right involved in a web of bands and side projects. Maria Elena is currently a member of the punk three piece Mal Flora (and was formerly a member of no-wave band TV-MA). Ruth Mascelli produces and performs electronic music under the name Psychic Hotline. Alli Logout is an independent filmmaker (“Lucid Noon Sunset Blush” is their stunning debut and has been screened internationally) and member of the punk band Lassie as well as performance art meets dance music duo Skantch. Nathan Cassiani is a member of the prolific and well loved punk bands Patsy and Mystic Inane.

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