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Shiny New Model


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Bodega are back! Following last year’s ‘Endless Scroll’, the group - made up of Ben Hozie, Nikki Belfiglio, Heather Elle, Madison Velding-VanDam and new recruit Tai Lee following Montana Simone’s decision to leave to pursue painting and sculpture - have just announced a brand new mini LP with an exciting new sonic direction.

As Ben says: “The mini LP ‘Shiny New Model’ marks a series of firsts for us: it is our first recording with our new drummer Tai Lee, our first session at a proper studio (Power Station in CT), and the first BODEGA disc produced within the group - production was handled by lead guitarist Madison Velding-VanDam. Pushing to be protean we bought a highlighter to different shades of our tastes: more traditionally melodious tune-smithing and bigger sounding sonics —> we even used a kick drum for the first time (although it was still standing on its side). As well as some studio improvising (unusual microphone placement, etc.) - we also experimented with improvising in studio (the vinyl and CD will end with an extended ten-minute version of our song ’Truth is Not Punishment.’)

For the disc’s words I was thinking of two of my favourite motifs —> history alive in the present and the conundrum of the contemporary consumer. There is no way to repay the born-with debts of our plastic paradise —> every purchase at the local bodega is at somebody else’s expense. The only solution I see is to historicize - not just to understand what influences my thoughts and potential thinking but to project the best self onto the stage for future audiences’ view —> history involves not only musing on what the past was but imagining what the past will have been”

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