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The Toppermost Sounds Of​.​.​.


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It’s the newest, long awaited, second long playing record release by the magnificent HIPBONE SLIM AND HIS CROWNTOPPERS. In the micro-grooves contained within this delightfully designed and most attractive dust exclusion device you will find fourteen toppermost tunes of terrific taste and tempo for twisting times. Totally tremendous! Tip Top!! By Jove!!!

The Crowntoppers are a talented musical group led by the prolific and ubiquitous Hipbone Slim a.k.a. Sir Bald. The ’Toppers play both types of music—they play Rock and Roll. And they play Rhythm and Blues! Music to dance, eat, drink, yell and fall over to, so I am told! The Crowntoppers are particularly popular with the younger generation who greatly enjoy the exciting dance-friendly rhythm and beat of the ’Tops’ terrific music!

Some of you may be familiar with some of the previous work of Sir Bald and his hairy cohorts. As THE KNEETREMBLERS the guys have made a multitude of records. A multitude! So many that you would probably be running out of fingers and toes if you were to try counting them all! Fans might also be interested to check them out moonlighting as THE KNEEJERK REACTIONS and THE NINE TON PEANUT SMUGGLERS as well as under many other weird and wonderful monikers.
In the Crowntoppers the ’Tremblers are augmented by Colonel MFC Evoy on saxophone and Mr. Slim Cyder on keys. When Slim is away preoccupied with brewing his own voodoo-and-apple-derived alcoholic beverages long time Bald associate Kid Wig can be heard tinkling the ivories. 

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