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'Verity' is the band's debut album but Isla Fortuna have been around since 2013 and that fact somehow is reflected in the maturity of their compositions and their general approach to their music style. While many people would rush and categorize them, without any hesitation, in the 'stoner' genre (a term that for years is being violated), the heavy rock trio from Cyprus blend several more influences and music genres into their style.

Obviously they are heavily influnenced by the general stoner, desert scene but they take those influences many steps further, chosing a more alternative style for the vocals, leaving a lot of space for guitar parts and solos (embedding folk and prog elements as well), while never forgetting their heavy side, solidly created by both the bass and the drums which follow some prog patterns from time to time.

While characterizing their style as 'progressive' would be a sacrilege to the truly progressive bands of the scene, 'Isla Fortuna' have surely adopted a quite unrestrained attitude which works to their favor because it really becomes their own identity.

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