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Αλέξανδρος Μολφέσης με Αστάρτη


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Β-otherSide records proudly presents the unreleased album from Alexandros Molfesis & Astarti, which was an active group from 1979-1981. The recording group's line-up consists from Alexandros Molfesis (guitars, synths, vocals, music, lyrics), Pantelis Karageorgis (piano, strings), Konstantinos Ioannidis (drums), Takis Haramopoulos (bass, vocals) and Dani Syrigos (guitar).

Astarti was most influenced from progressive rock music, along with mixing of jazz, pop and glam music elements. The vinyl release contains 12 tracks which is the total group's discography from 1980-1981, plus a bonus cd with 11 extra tracks from 1981, band's  reunion from 1986 and 2004. The original artwork of the album comes from authentic posters from band's live gigs, designed by Dimitri Papaioannou and adapted by Thanasis Xanthakos. The original recordings were made at Master Sound Studio from Vassilis Georgopoulos and the sound restoration was made from Alexandros Molfesis. The release contains a fold out poster/sleeve with band's photos and bio as also a 2 page insert with songs' lyrics and additional photos, plus a cd with bonus tracks. The album is released 40 years after the recording sessions at 100 hand numbered copies.

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