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Harmony Of Spheres (White Vinyl)


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Puta Volcano: term referring to a musical entity known for extravagant lengthy recording sessions, reaching down within to find truths about the spirituality of goat cheese and its place in the universe. May include guitars, beating of drums, bass and certain female vocal frequencies. When the last experiment called "The Sun" rose above the greek landscapes from whence it came, it brought with it tumbleweeds and sand. And ears were pleased as its rays were used to warm the Terra Vibe stage in preparation for the Black Keys at the Rockwave Festival. "Harmony of Spheres", their latest "all-boom" tackles the eternal question about life, the universe and everything. Paying close attention to the eerie voices of the 8 (or 9?) planets in our solar system, they came up with 8 (or 9?) answers. From now on, you are able to use your ears to find out for yourself if they found out anything about anything, or deliberately attempted not to. Disclaimer: eternal answer not guaranteed to be included. Puta Volcano are Luna Stoner (vocals), Alex Pi (guitar), Bookies (bass), Steven Stefanidis (drums).