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Ready Steady Who Five

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Kicking off this EP is a song Pete wrote for The Merseys which turned out so well that The Who nicked it for themselves. This fine version was recorded for the BBC, but inexplicably omitted from The Who BBC Sessions (1999). Listen for the immaculate harmonies and the new vocal refrain ("Last Night") at the end. Next Brian Mathews brings out Pete Townshend's more reflective side as they consider the Who's singles to date.

Flip over the disc for two typically taut performances recorded live at that Who stronghold, the Marquee in Wardour Street. Townshend plays slide with the mike stand at the end of My Generation but before he can total his Stratocaster, a smoke-bomb causes the power to fail. Roger is at the height of his Dippity-Do hair-gel dandy phase, the curly haired Rock God still two years away. Entwistle recreates his bass solo in My Generation with impressive and impassive dexterity. And beaming over all he surveys is Keith Moon, the original Happy Jack, visibly having the time of his life. It all sounds totally terrific.

Side A
1. So Sad About Us
2. Townsend Speaks! (Interview)

Side B
1. Happy Jack
2. My Generation

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