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Songs And Stripes

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4 Years after the previous sold out compilation cd The Beauties Of The Beast - The Best Of Red Zebra (1980-1983) it was time to make a new one, this time also including tracks made after 1983.

To make it extra interesting for fans, 3 live tracks, recorded last year in their hometown Bruges, were added and a brand new single "My Boss, The Robot"

40 years after "I Can 't Live In A Living Room" Red Zebra return back to their punk roots.

1     I Can't Live In A Living Room    
2     Innocent People    
3     Graveyard Shuffle    
4     T.V. Activity (Live)    
5     I'm Falling Apart (Live)    
6     Bastogne    
7     Shadows Of Doubt    
8     The Ultimate Stranger    
9     Man Comes From Ape    
10     The Art Of Conversation    
11     Polar Club    
12     Search Party    
13     Paradise Lost (Live)    
14     The Beauty Of The Beast    
15     Beirut By Night    
16     Kill Me Before I Kill Again    
17     John Wayne    
18     Pony Girl Punishment    
19     Don't Put Your Head In A Bucket    
20     Spit On The City    
21     My Boss, The Robot