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Somewhere In The Middle
NIJI Somewhere In The Middle
Format: 12" Type: EP
Labels: Aeronxutics
Genre: Jazz
Release Year: 2024
First Release: 2023
EAN/UPC: 5056032380035

NIJI (AKA Niji Adeleye) makes a triumphant return with his new EP ‘Somewhere in the Middle’.

The first release on his own label, AERONXUTICS, this five-track offering, delves into his deep love of Jazz and his Nigerian roots, creating an engaging and absorbing sonic journey.

In NIJI’s own words : “Somewhere in the Middle represents so many things for me personally. I’m born to Nigerian parents but raised in East London, there’s a duality of influences. I’m a middle child – I’ve always done my own thing and had a unique perspective as a middle child. I’m split between London and New York – two places I love.

London shaped me growing up, New York is where I became an adult and truly myself, and settled in who I am. Not to mention all the musical influences my heritage, London-life & music career has enabled me to have. Today, NIJI, is somewhere in the middle of all of this. Very present force but can’t be placed in a box. This EP represents that blend, somewhere in the middle.”

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