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Le Mal


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Since founding in 2010, FET.NAT has created a musical universe all its own, crossing leftfield punk, trip-hop, free jazz and afrobeat, on a backdrop of absurdist humour lit by the Rock In Opposition movement. The veteran Hull, Quebec, foursome – featuring the franglais poetics of JFNO, Pierre-Luc Clément on guitars, Linsey Wellman on saxophone, and secret weapon Olivier Fairfield (Last Ex, Timber Timbre, Andy Shauf) on drums – has made its name on fiery live performances that clash maniacal theatrics with confounding musicianship.

With the release of Le Mal – a concept record with one side containing MIDI interpretations of the other – FET.NAT delivers a stunning document of their musical connectivity and precise recording vision. Instrumentals of experimental restraint, with menacing electronics and flashes of polyrhythm underscore JFNO’s warped, possessed poetry. The result is a full-player of discernible variety – an illusory mirror image of itself – with familiar but offset halves that consume each other.