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Homo Sapiens Parasitus


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Blitzkrieg Baby made it's first mark on the scene with Porcus Norvegicus, released in 2012 on Neuropa Records. This full-length album was succeeded by a trilogy of EP's released on Beläten, run by Thomas Ekelund of Trepaneringsritualen: Kids’ World, Cannibal Commando and War Gods saw the light of day between 2014 & 2018.

2019 sees Blitzkrieg Baby ressurection with their sophomore full-length album entitled Homo Sapiens Parasitus.

The lyrics reflect their total disdain for humanity while the music strides across a wide array of expression — from pop hooks breaking through from behind the filth and dissonance, to pounding industrial, militaristic percussion, funeral dirges, drone interludes, and cinematic horror tracks. Every second is steeped  in Blitzkrieg Baby’s trademark absence of hope.

Welcome to the newest round of The Blitzkrieg Baby Experience.