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Kubler-Ross Soliloquies
Deadbeat Kubler-Ross Soliloquies
Format: 2xLP Type: Album
Labels: BLKRTZ
Release Year: 2024
First Release: 2023
EAN/UPC: 3760370268475

In the last 24 years Scott Monteith's Deadbeat project has covered a dizzying array of musical references and genres, exploring everything from from left field reggae and downbeat experiments, purifying drone and ambient noise excursions, outer-national percussion work outs, and hypnotic techno and house.

On his first solo album in 5 years, Monteith offers up what is perhaps the most powerful, tightly dance floor focused album of his storied carrier, and a soul cleansing, poignant sound track to the fears and hardships of a world gone mad, entitled Kübler-Ross Soliloquies.

The Kübler-Ross model describes the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. A soliloquy is defined as an act of speaking one's thoughts aloud alone by oneself or regardless of any hearers.

Over the album's 8 tracks, Monteith explores each of these stages with a clear eyed focus and confidence that are a testament to his dual role as a kind, smiling musical selector and monkish technological nerd ball of the highest order.

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